Wall Unit

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Wall Unit

The Cabinet Bed Wall Unit is free standing and complements any of our CabinetBed models. It comes complete with a light bridge overtop connecting the two piers together.  The light bridge also features two LED puck lights.

The Wall Unit is available in 3 different configurations


Each Tall tower can be sold separately, great for extra storage


  • 107-(L or R)PIER-O is an open unit that comes with two bookshelves
  • 107-(L or R)PIER-D comes with two shelves and doors to close when not in use
  • 107-(L or R)PIER-W is a wardrobe unit with doors which open to reveal a hanging rod


  • 25″W x 17″D x 73.25″H per pier
  • 117″W x 17″D x 73.25″H Complete Unit Dimensions



  • Optional Wall Unit
  • Lights, USB ports
  • Individual Storage Towers are available
  • Drawers, Shelves, Doors, Closet rods
  • Available in any stain
  • Will fit around any size Cabinet Bed