Softside Waterbed Heater


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The Blue Magic solid state low-watt waterbed heater is a must-have for your mid fill and deep fill softside waterbed. For use with softside waterbeds with a water fill level of 6″ or more


The Blue Magic solid state 120 watt waterbed heater gives you precise control over the temperature of your mid fill or deep fill softside waterbed mattress. The Blue Magic waterbed heater comes complete with a solid state heater control and a premium wire alloy waterbed heating pad. Studies show that a temperature controlled sleep environment provides multiple health benefits and aids in achieving deep sleep. The medical benefits of heat therapy to improve circulation and penetrate muscles for recovery and relaxation is well documented. When compared to electric blankets, which can have significant temperature swings of several degrees that affect sleep, the Blue Magic waterbed heater offers consistent warmth within 1/8 degree of your set point.

  • Solid state 120 watt UL approved heater technology
  • 18 gauge power cord
  • 32 gauge nickel/copper flexible circuitry
  • Larger pad with 64 gauge thermal fused Duraflex vinyl
  • State-of-the-art ultra-sensitive control with light
  • Holds temperature to +/- 1/8 of a degree
  • 4 year full warranty