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  • Swivel base is available on most of our rocker recliners at a minimal cost.
  • Easy to install.
  • The swivel base allows recliners to rotate 360°, while motorized recliners can rotate 160°.
  • Superior construction grade spruce plywood is dried better so it doesn’t warp or crack.
  • We combine materials and make selections based on the application to ensure the strength and durability of our furniture. The wood pieces systematically interlock during the assembly process to create a strong, reinforced structure.
  • For areas of the frame that need to withstand more pressure, TimberStrand (R) is used. An engineered wood used for its strength which will not change due to humidity or temperature.
  • Our frames have a “L” shaped piece that connects the back of the arm to the seat. It works to stop the pivot point on the joint and reinforces the frame.
  • All the backs of our reclining furniture are removable to make moving and placing the furniture easier.
Chair: Height: 40″ Depth: 37.5″ Width: 41.5″
Loveseat: Height: 40″ Depth: 37.5″ Width: 64.5″
Sofa: Height: 40″ Depth: 37.5″ Width: 87.5″
Wide sofa: Height: 40″ Depth: 37.5″ Width: 84.5″
  • Brand ElRan
  • Material Fabric, Leather
  • Web Code 20575
  • Multiple Fabric Options
  • Multiple Leather Options